Technical stuff - hints and tips
Here are some hints and tips we've picked up along the way, all designed to improve your photography.

Putting a border round your digital image

I use this technique to enhance my digital images. If an image is generally dark, a narrow white border helps define where the edge of the image is when it’s projected. It also sets the image off better (at least I think so. Most, but not all, judges agree). There are a number of ways to do this, but this one’s the simplest for me. I’ve assumed you’ve got Photoshop open with your image displayed.

1. In the menu bar along the top of the screen, go to “edit”, and choose “select all”. Marching ants will appear round the edge of your image. Don’t panic.
2. Next, go to “edit”, and choose “stroke”
3. In the dialog box, set the “stroke width” to 2px. You can experiment with this: I prefer 2. Bigger than about 10 looks awful.
4. Set the “colour” to white
5. Next, hit the “inside” radio button. This keeps the image the same size as it was, but steals 2 pixels all round the edge to make a white border.
6. Finally, hit “ok”
7. Please don’t be tempted to use coloured borders....