Technical stuff - hints and tips
Here are some hints and tips we've picked up along the way, all designed to improve your photography.

Colour temperature and daylight bulbs

No, not something for your garden! Are you using a daylight lamp bulb to light the room where your computer monitor is? To see your on-screen image with accurate colour rendition, you really need to illuminate your screen with a daylight lamp bulb. Although most lamps emit “white” light, this can vary from a cosy “warm” white to a “cold” white according to the “colour temperature” of the lamp. Natural daylight has a colour temperature of around 6000 deg. K.; Incandescent bulbs emit light at around 2,700 Deg. K.; and fluorescent bulbs at around 3,500 Deg. K. When I use my monitor, I

1. switch off all other lights in the room;
2. use a daylight lamp bulb in an angle poise lamp over my left shoulder and shining away from the monitor.

The bad news is that daylight lamp bulbs are not cheap, and not available from normal DIY stores. I got mine from Hobbycraft for around £10 each, but it's probably better looking online. Worth it though, to get your colours right.