Technical stuff - hints and tips
Here are some hints and tips we've picked up along the way, all designed to improve your photography.

Sound copyright licences

To use sound recordings on your AVs, you really need a sound copyright licence. The website you need is the Film and Video Institute. There’s loads of useful information in it about copyright. You can download an application form for a sound copyright licence here.

In brief, it covers the three main aspects of making and using sound recordings:
  • Recording copyright material works (from the MPCS)
  • Getting permission to use commercial music recordings (from the BPI)
  • Public performance of those recordings (from the PPL)
Basically, you just fill in the form and send it off with your £8.54, and back comes a licence, valid for a year. After a year, they send you a reminder. It licences you to prepare and use commercial recordings as part of your own AV or other presentations, and make those presentations to any private (non admission-paying) audience, including camera clubs and in competitions. You have to be either a member of the Royal Photographic Society, or of the PAGB. All CXPS paid up members are de facto members of the PAGB since we are affiliated to N&EMPF which is in turn affiliated to the PAGB. Licences are issued to individuals, or to clubs - a licence to one doesn’t cover the other So you must be a club, a member of the club, or a member of the RPS for it to apply to you. You just circle either RPS or PAGB on the form as appropriate.